How Onboarding Helps with Increasing Average Length of the Session

How Onboarding Helps with Increasing Average Length of the Session

Did you ever wonder why the average length of the session is so short? One of the reasons is the wrong onboarding process that makes users leave the bot quickly, without even understanding all its capabilities. Here are five points you should keep in mind while creating your bot.

Onboarding – Bot Introduction

The most successful bots clarify from the beginning that users are chatting with a robot, not a human. Also, they introduce themselves and explain their main purpose. It is really helpful in order to set up users’ expectations upfront.

We would certainly like our bot to look as human as possible, but we can’t hide from the users that they are not talking to another person. This could simply lead to the loss of their trust. You should  be specific about the experience you have created and describe the next steps to encourage users to respond.

Bot Capabilities Explanation

One of the biggest issues of chatbots is the lack of clarity. Many users complain that most of the time they have to try many things to see what works and what doesn’t. It is very important to explain your users at the very start how they are going to interact with your chatbot. Through text messages or simply by clicking the buttons? Let’s explain it!

First CTA

Guide your user and suggest their first step with a good CTA (call-to-action). Believe it or not, getting the user to start the conversation is more important than building a bot that amazes the user. You should attract the attention of the user and remember that onboarding is the beginning of creation of your chatbot persona. If your CTA is funny, it already gives user an impression that the conversation will be entertaining.

Menu Introduction

It’s good to explain users what to do if they feel stuck in the later stage of the conversation. One thing you can do is to introduce the menu that users can easily return to “Main Menu”.

Getting Basic Info About the User

Onboarding process is a great moment to learn something about your user. Except introducing the bot, you can also collect the information that is important to you and use it for segmenting your users and personalizing their experience. Imagine that you created a food delivery bot, wouldn’t it be a precious information to know what cuisine each of your users like? Knowing it, you can personalize your bot experience using a user’s profile data.

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