How Automation of Conversational Analytics with a Virtual Assistant Will Change Marketers’ Lives

How Automation of Conversational Analytics with a Virtual Assistant Will Change Marketers’ Lives

If you’re a bot maker or a marketer working on bots, chances are you already know how important bot metrics and conversational analytics are. They help us improve our bots’ responses and the user experience. Unfortunately, a lot of makers and marketers have difficulty checking that data on a regular basis. Maintaining a bot requires you to crunch data every day, week or month. But when you’re juggling web and mobile analytics too, how do you find the time?

If you’re struggling to interpret bot metrics, don’t worry. Simply automate conversational analytics with the help of a conversational analytics assistant. Conversational UI lends well to data analysis because it can provide results in an AI-based, personalized, natural-language format. Here, analysis can be delivered more like a story rather than a set of numbers. Furthermore, these assistants may also provide real-time notifications based on the metrics you want to track. When one uses this technology to gain insights on conversational metrics, it becomes even easier to iterate and improve your business’ bots.

AI’s Impact on Data Analysis

Using chatbots for data analysis is a natural development because they are skilled at collecting and acting on data. Because they collect data in a natural, conversational way, users are happy to answer their questions. Bots also provide a conversational trail of this data that marketers and bot makers can track or follow in real time. If the AI is capable of automatic segmentation, it may better discover patterns and help a team act on that data.

As artificial intelligence becomes more sophisticated, it’s become an indispensable tool for data analysis. AI is so adept at crunching numbers and gaining insights from them that we expect the technology to user in an era of predictive analysis. But for now, bots and AI can help us leverage and interpret metrics more quickly, finally delivering on the promise of Big Data. Plus, without wasting time trying to understand it all.

A Chatbot Analytics Bot Provides Routine Data Reports

One of the biggest draws to using a chatbot analytics assistant is its ability to send routine data analysis. Checking and interpreting data on a regular basis can be a big challenge for some. When you automate chatbot analytics, your bot can send reports on a timed interval or in real time. It also offers patterns and key insights on chatbot performance and usage.

This makes the data less overwhelming. It also lets makers iterate their chatbots on a timely basis. Marketers can immediately read, make use of and compare the data with that of other channels (mobile metrics, website analytics, etc.) to generate more accurate and sophisticated profiles of fans and their needs.

Assess Chatbot Analytics Quickly with the Whole Team

With a chatbot analytics assistant, you can work quickly to ensure your chatbot operates to the best of its ability. Let’s say you’re working to eliminate bottlenecks and confusion triggers for your bot. Using your chatbot analytics bot, you might set up notifications for when these issues occur. Upon receiving the notification in real time, you and your team can jump into the conversation immediately to ensure a smooth experience for the user.

Use a Chatbot Conversational Analytics Assistant to Facilitate Collaboration

Chatbots live on messaging platforms, which makes them easy for your whole team to access on a collaborative platform. When everyone can message a chatbot analytics bot to instantly get insights on data, your team can solve problems more quickly and easily.

For example, your team might keep in touch on Slack or in Skype chat. This puts your bot analytics in the very same interface and window that you use to communicate with colleagues. Your analytics assistant is a member of the conversation and can add key insights whenever necessary. In this situation, the assistant helps to speed up the collaborative and decision-making process and keep everyone on the same page.

If chatbots are great for anything. It’s providing ease of access to information in a natural, conversational UI. This makes understanding data more intuitive to the average user. If you need help keeping tabs on analytics for your chatbot, consider adding an analytics bot to your team! You can sign up for Botanalytics for free.