Conversational Analytics and Chatbots

Conversational Analytics and Chatbots

A few months ago, before Facebook announced the Messenger Platform, I wrote a post “App Stores to Bot Stores?” and since then things have been changing very fast in chatbot ecosystem and conversational analytics.

As recently, Facebook announced more than 11,000 bots have been created on Messenger. While bots are growing, unveiling question about conversational analytics is;

How to measure the conversation’s engagement and analytics?

This is a big question because current analytics tools do not provide conversational analytics&engagement solutions and while machine learning flywheel is taking off, many bot developers want to know when/where their bots suck in the conversation.

So, recently started to help bot owners to improve their human-to-bot communication with identifying bottlenecks, filtering conversations, and understanding engagement.

Filtering communications

First of all, you’re able to filter your conversations, this helps you to find out bottleneck points of your bot’s conversations.

conversational analytics

Dive deep to communication

After filtering your communications, you can jump into a specific conversation and see where your bot sucks.

conversational analytics

Conversational Stats

If your engagement plummets at some point, you have to be aware of this. Some of the stats that Botanalytics gives are average conversations steps per user and average conversation per user. So, these are highly important in a daily routine.

conversational analytics

What about the second day?

If you don’t know your bot’s retention, uncertainty is the prevailing feeling, as you’d expect. Many early adopters try bots at first day and churn at day 2 or day 3. 7 Day retention mostly covers how you retain your users. This graph shows you the retention of your customers below:

conversational analytics

To summarize, I cover some of the concepts of conversational analytics that bot owners probably need. For more, follow to catch up Botanalytics 101 Webinar series.

At Botanalytics, we help your bot be awesome by providing conversational analytics. We’d be happy to boost your bot’s performance. Sign up for free to enjoy our rocking features!