We all know that it’s getting harder to download, update, manage apps on mobile devices. Plus, cost of user acquisition with ads for app installation has been increasing dramatically. While this questions the native app ecosystem, bots are performing their first steps in messaging platforms like Facebook, Slack, WeChat, Line and newly Skype.

shoppings, travel bookings, restaurant reservations, and many others…

Slack’s App Directory, Telegram’s Bot Api and of course Facebook’s secret chat sdk for messenger bots will allow their users to make their shoppings, travel bookings, restaurant reservations and many others in their messaging platforms. In that space, Facebook Messenger with a 800 Million DAU will be the game changer beyond any doubt.

If Facebook launches it’s bot store at F8 on April 12th, many developers can start to build bots on Messenger like Uber’s.

first steps of her…

Today, bots are still struggling with natural language processing in terms of efficiency or precision. When format of message is a plain text, it limits the capability of bot. Now, they solve this problem with smart messages like interactive small web content that allows bots to understand structured user responses. This can be a catalyst for usage of bots in messaging platforms for a while. For a note in that space, Facebook’s M which is a virtual assistant on messenger can overcome these obstacles by using actual human power addition to its artificial intelligence.

We will see how bots will change the mobile ecosystem and it’s clear that these days are the first steps of her.

This post was written by Co-founder & CEO of Botanalytics, Enis Gayretli

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