Botanalytics presents: Bottesting! Send your bot, get it tested

Botanalytics presents: Bottesting! Send your bot, get it tested

Botanalytics, which is an analytics & engagement tool backed by 500 Startups, launched its  sister tool: Bottesting. Bottesting is designed to help bot makers with their bots through conversation, usability, user experience, user metrics. With the report, bot makers examine their data to improve human-bot communication.

As we witness the chatbot ecosystem is growing day by day rapidly, bot-related tools are coming out. Analyzing bot’s performance and improving bots based on data are becoming most crucial things to do. Acquisition channels can bring users to the bot, what about the retention of the users? Think about Google Analytics. Before its launch, website analytics was very hard to examine. Now, it’s the same for chatbots. As of now, with the analytics side, bot owners can know their user/customer behaviors well, thus they can measure their engagement on their bots and get actions according to their data. Bottesting is here is see the analyzed data for chatbot owners.

What is the use case?

The outputs are the evaluations of conversational flow, usability & user experience, NLP Score, bot speed, conversation steps, bot accuracy. Bot owners can get their report within 1 week. With Bottesting, bot makers can enhance their conversational flow, find out the analyzed interactions and engagement between the bot and users. They can identify the bottlenecks of their bots in usability and user experience perspective.

Leaving the link of the bot and email address will enable the tool for the report to get insights of the bots. Since its launch, there has been a much interest in Bottesting. Bot companies started to receive their reports since the beginning of the week. If bot makers would like to get your bot’s performance & usability report, they can just visit and leave their bot info.

Finally, You can send your bot’s link to us, we can examine it and send you the report on Bottesting.

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