Botanalytics Now Supports Twilio

Botanalytics Now Supports Twilio

Botanalytics adds a new platform to its supported platforms: Twilio. Twilio is a cloud communication platform which provides APIs for Voice & Video, Messaging, and Authentication for every application.

With the announcement of supporting Twilio, brands can get insights from their customers through messaging services such as SMS. They can track what their customers react to their communication channels. For the ease of deployment process, Botanalytics gets data what Twilio sends out. So, developers for Twilio customers do not consider to handle their data output.

Botanalytics Features for Twilio

When integrated, Botanalytics will provide data analytics services to Twilio customers for their messaging services. What data analytics services include are identifying bottlenecks with the user & conversation metrics, mesauring engagement with average conversation steps & retention metrics. Also, Twilio customers could use human take-over feature to jump into the conversation with the user when needed. This feature enables to track user at instant time.

Also, segmentation and funnels features will make Twilio customers’ data analysis easier. They can set up events in order to find out what triggered users and in which type of conversation data. Funnels will provide to find out how setting goals are completed in incoming and outgoing messages.

To sum up, Twilio customers can easily integrate Botanalytics to their system and start to analyze their customer data in order to improve experience and enhance conversations through messaging services.

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