How to Setup Amazon Echo & Other Alexa Devices

How to Setup Amazon Echo & Other Alexa Devices

Setting up an Alexa-enabled device—or an entire home ecosystem of them—can certainly seem daunting. The fact that these devices have no screen (barring the Echo Show) and few buttons can make setup even more intimidating! Thankfully, this isn’t the case: connecting an Alexa device without any Amazon Echo setup problem is made easy with the Alexa app. Here’s how you can get started using your new Alexa device with minimal Amazon Echo troubleshooting.

Plug In Your Device

Before you open the Alexa setup app, pick a well-trafficked place in your house where your Echo device is likely to get a lot of use. It should be near an outlet, as the Echo requires a power source to function. It should also be within reach of your wifi connection to avoid an Amazon Echo setup problem. Once you’ve picked a spot, plug in the device.

Using the Alexa Setup App

Download and install the Alexa mobile app if you haven’t already. The Alexa setup app lets you connect Echo dot to wifi and allows you to make changes to device settings. Once the app is installed, login with your Amazon account.

How to Connect Echo to Wifi

Now that you’re logged in, go to your mobile device’s wifi settings. Here you will see a list of networks to connect to, which should include your Echo device. Upon selecting the device, the app should automatically connect Echo to wifi.

If this doesn’t occur, it’s time for some easy Amazon Echo troubleshooting. Simply go to the main menu, scroll down to “Settings” and select “Set up a new device” to connect Echo to wifi.

The final step for how to setup Amazon Echo Dot or other Echo device is to select your home network from the list of wifi networks that appears. You will need to type in your network’s password to connect Echo to wifi.

How to Setup Amazon Echo Dot or Multiple Devices

Got an Echo Dot or second Echo device? There are a few more steps you’ll want to take to avoid an Amazon Echo setup problem when using multiple devices. First, follow all the steps listed above for how to setup Amazon Echo Dot or other device.

After that’s completed, you’ll want to name your devices. The Alexa setup app automatically gives devices generic names but giving more specific ones—like “living room speaker” or “office Echo”—can make your life much easier. To do so, just go to Settings > Devices and select the Echo you want to rename. Scroll to the “General” section of this menu, then select “Device Name.”

If you’ve successfully setup your device without running into an Amazon Echo setup problem, you may also want to set up multi-room music playback. It might sound complicated, but it’s quite easy. Just go to your Settings, scroll to the “Audio Groups” section and select “Multi-Room Music.” Create a name for the group of devices you want to make, then select any device you want to add. To finish, confirm by tapping “Create Group.”

Other Amazon Alexa Setup Tips

After you connect Echo to wifi and have finished setting it up, go back to your device settings to pull off the finishing touches. The Settings menu allows you to change the wake word for your device as well as the voice—including giving it an accent. While these are optional changes, one setting you must confirm is your location. Ensure it is accurate for using location-based queries such as calling for the weather.

Discovering and Setting Up Skills for Amazon Alexa

Once you have completed setting up your Alexa device, you’ll want to setup and enable skills to add greater functionality. Skills must be enabled manually before use. We have a roundup of some of our favorite Alexa skills. But if you want to browse for skills yourself, simply say “Alexa, help me get started with skills”. You can also browse skills on the Alexa app. When you’ve found one you want to use, just tap “enable skill.”

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