13 More of the Best Bots on Telegram

13 More of the Best Bots on Telegram

One of the leading messaging platforms, Telegram offers tons of amazing bots for entertainment, shopping, productivity and more. These Telegram bots are excellent tools for individual and group use, But there’s a caveat: it can be difficult finding the best! While we’ve identified some of the best Telegram chatbots in the past. We’re digging deep into the platform to find some more recent picks. Check out the list below!

Best Telegram Chatbots for Social

Because Telegram is a social space, it makes sense that some of the best chatbots on the platform would be social tools. Blintzy is a chatbot that revolutionizes the way people connect on Telegram. A bit like Craigslist, it matches users based on where they are and what they need from or can offer to others. Users set location via GPS, by typing an address or by tapping their location on a map.

Not all bots are so complicated; sometimes simplicity is best. That’s the case for Stickeroid, an in-line bot that lets users effortlessly transform and word into a sticker for the messaging app. Just write “@stickeroidbot” followed immediately by a word to get a selection of three stickers.

The Best Bots on Telegram for Shopping

Using a shopping chatbot is a bit like having a personal assistant, ready to sniff out the best deals to save you time and money. One such solution is Coupon Bot, which seamlessly finds discounts and coupon codes when you’re shopping.

If tracking prices is more your thing, try ShobyBot. ShobyBot lets you build a wishlist of stuff you want to buy, then track prices on them. Once an item becomes cheaper, the bot will alert you so you can make a purchase.

Best Telegram Bots for Productivity

Productivity chatbots on Telegram help individuals and groups manage and accomplish tasks. TodoTask_Bot is the perfect tool for saving tasks and reminders that you need to get done later. Even better, you can add the bot to group chats for keeping track of group projects.

The coolest Telegram bots, though, let you do tons of things within Telegram. SwingMail enables Telegram users to manage their email, their digital calendars, to-do lists and even Twitter DMs within the app—what better chatbot for those who are always on-the-go?

The Coolest Telegram Bots for Travel

Travel is expensive, but thankfully there are tons of chatbots on Telegram to help you get where you need to be without breaking the bank. Magellan—named after the explorer who circumnavigated the world—makes it easy to discover the cheapest flights from the U.S. to Europe, Asia and Australia.

For on-the-ground transport, Bussy helps travelers find the cheapest bus tickets and itineraries. It’s only available in Europe, but it’s a great example of how the best bots on Telegram can augment existing infrastructure. The bot pulls from over 3,000 routes and 200 major carriers.

The Best Telegram Chatbots for Health

One of the greatest ways chatbots improve people’s lives each day is by helping them take control of their health. Instawell is a powerful Telegram chatbot tool that functions as a marketplace putting users in touch with mental health professionals.

Ready to improve your workout? One of the biggest barriers to maintaining an exercise routine is knowing what to do. The Coachbot is one of the coolest Telegram bots for fitness: it provides personalized workout routines based on your goals and progress.

Best Telegram Bots for Other Categories

If you’re trying to keep up with the state of the many cryptocurrencies available, chatbots can help. One of the best Telegram bots for tracking various crypto markets is InCoins. You can buy and exchange currencies with little risk when using Incoins.

Those concerned with security should give Robin Pass a whirl. Unfortunately, chances are your password has been compromised by a data breach at least once. When your login info shows up on a public directory, Robin Pass will alert you so you can protect your account immediately.

Eager for more of the coolest Telegram bots? Say hello to Explore Telegram, a bot for finding other bots, channels, groups, stickers and more. There’s no better way to explore the platform and discover new people to talk to!

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