Say Hi to the 7 Best Alexa Skills

Say Hi to the 7 Best Alexa Skills

Amazon’s Echo devices are incredibly popular—so much so that the tech giant is quickly releasing devices with new interfaces, like the Echo Show and upcoming Echo Look. The biggest draw to these devices are their hands-free, voice-enabled interface and Alexa assistant. Users perform tasks on the devices by using Alexa skills.

If you’re a brand-new Alexa user, you might be wondering: what are Alexa skills? Alexa skills are commands that let you perform different actions and tasks using Alexa. Many commands are built into the platform by default, though the majority of third-party commands must be enabled from the Alexa Skills Marketplace before they may be used. Once you’ve enabled a skill, you’re ready to use it! Skills must be added from the Alexa app or on the Amazon website.

There are currently over 25,000 different Alexa skills, which means it might be difficult to find the best Alexa commands. But don’t feel overwhelmed: we’ve got a list of the best Alexa skills showing off all that your Amazon Echo device can do. With this Amazon Echo list of commands, you’ll never have to ask “What are Alexa skills?” again. Check out the best Alexa commands below!

Get Fit

One of the best on our Alexa skills list for fitness, 7-Minute Workout guides users through a short, daily workout routine. Alexa will walk you through every step of the routine and will wait until you’re ready for the next exercise before moving on. If you don’t know how to do an exercise, simply ask and Alexa will explain it to you. It’s like having a personal trainer in your home! Once enabled, simply say “Alexa, start workout.”

Control Your Media Center

If you have a Logitech Harmony universal remote, you can connect it to your Echo device and control your media center via voice with the Harmony skill. It takes a bit of time to set up, but the effort is well worth it: being able to effortlessly control your TV without having to reach for a remote earns this skill a top spot on our Amazon Echo list of commands. Simply tell Alexa to turn your TV on or off, manage volume, change the channel, open streaming services and more!

Set the Scene

Those with Philips Hue lights will want to add the Hue skill to Alexa’s repertoire. One of the best Alexa commands for the connected home, Hue lets you instantly change the atmosphere of a room via voice. Simply tell Alexa to change light color or brightness across rooms. It’s perfect for setting the perfect mood for different types of day—or creating a festive atmosphere for a party.

Think Clearly

One of the best Alexa skills for mental health, Headspace walks users through a guided meditation session. This easy way to get into the habit of meditating offers daily meditations and an exercise to help relax and wind down at the end of the day. One the skill is enabled, just say “Alexa, ask Headspace for today’s meditation” and you’re good to go!

Test Your Trivia

Are you a trivia wiz? If so, you’ll want to add Jeopardy! to your Alexa skills list. This skill lets you play America’s favorite trivia game right in your own home. Categories change each weekday to match the ones on the show. If you’re a Prime subscriber, you’ll also get a free subscription to Double Jeopardy!, which offers six extra clues each weekday. If you really love trivia, look out for Teen Jeopardy! and Sports Jeopardy! as well.

Get Cooking

Half the difficulty of cooking is finding inspiration and knowing what to make. If you’re scouring the Amazon Echo list of commands for cooking tools, look no further than All Recipes. One of the best Alexa skills for cooking, All Recipes will help you find recipes based on ingredients you already have. This helps you make use of everything in your fridge before it spoils. You can also ask for specific recipes or a featured recipe of the day, then get reviews for recipes before deciding on a meal.

Get Creative

While it’s technically not a skill, IFTTT is an absolute must for Alexa users. With IFTTT, you can add greater functionality to your Echo device by creating new commands or adding commands made by other users. Connect Alexa to your Evernote, add mobile phone triggers, automatically email your shopping list and more! Simply make “if this, then that”-style commands between Alexa and your favorite apps.

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