Motion AI and Botanalytics Partner to Improve Conversational Flows

Motion AI and Botanalytics Partner to Improve Conversational Flows

Motion AI, one of the well-known platforms for building chatbots, partners with Botanalytics, a fast-growing leading chatbot analytics platform. The partnership brings both services, providing a single platform for drawing flowchart for a bot without any programming skills and providing advanced analytics features to iterate bots.

Bot makers can diagram their conversation flow, connect their bot to a messaging service using Motion AI’s platform, then integrate Botanalytics to analyze deep conversation data and measure engagement and retention. With the support for SMS, Messenger, web-based, Slack, email bots, Motion AI and Botanalytics together offers a wide ranging platforms for many bot makers. Because Motion AI makes bot development fast and easy without any codes, everyone can create a bot at an immediate time with minimal effort. Then, they may integrate their bots, which are built on Motion AI, to Botanalytics’ for advanced analytics features to better meet the needs with insights.

From Making People’s Lives Easier to Much Easier

Motion AI is one of the easiest solutions to build, train and deploy chatbots to do almost anything imaginable – from taking food orders and accepting payments, to running customer service chats and diagnosing patients. Once a bot is built, bot makers would need to spot bottlenecks, make improvements and more. This is where Botanalytics offers an advanced analytics features to bot makers. Users can select Motion AI logo while integrating with Botanalytics.

Through this partnership, bot makers will have the privilege to;

– Measure and increase engagement rates via Botanalytics.

Segment conversations according to some unique metrics,

– Observe conversation steps and more.

– Track user interactions and behaviors with specific event segmentation within a timeframe

– Set funnels to analyze completion rates of the goals within the bot.

This helps developers & brands to provide better customer service or make e-commerce sales, depending on the bot’s goal.

What Motion AI and Botanalytics Platforms Bring to Bot Makers

Motion AI lets users make bots by simply drag and drop templates, also gives the ability choose from their ready templates which are really convenient for bot makers. The templates can be for restaurants, surveys, scheduling, trivia, resume, customer service, transit, even pet adoption. These bots can be built on messaging platforms such as Slack, Messenger, or SMS, and can provide multi-purpose customer points. With the Botanalytics integration, Motion AI users can further observe the experience with information extracted from analytics metrics. We’re excited that Motion AI and Botanalytics collaborate to let bot makers experience all levels to build and train a bot. Through this new integration, existing users of either service can enjoy the benefits of both: creating bots and analyzing their data.

To get started to draw flowcharts and create your bot, simply sign up for Motion AI, after you create your bot, just integrate with Botanalytics to measure your engagement rates.

At Botanalytics, we help your bot be awesome by providing conversational analytics. We’d be happy to boost your bot’s performance. Sign up for free to enjoy our rocking features!