The Top Enterprise Chatbot Solutions to Improve Every Facet of Business

The Top Enterprise Chatbot Solutions to Improve Every Facet of Business

80% of businesses want chatbots by 2020. However, not everyone is equipped to develop advanced, sophisticated chatbots capable of performing a myriad of business tasks. This is where enterprise chatbot solutions come in. Built at scale, these NLP-supported bots can juggle many hats in the business to help in every aspect of running a business.

Enterprise chatbots are typically designed for large brand clients. They can be used for providing customer support, but also connect to B2B applications to help companies do business. Whether they help customer find solutions or serve as “digital employees,” enterprise chatbots do a great deal to lighten teams’ workloads while helping them get more done quickly. Common uses for enterprise chatbot solutions include:

  • Automation of routine tasks: better organize resources for better ROI and faster work.
  • Interaction between vendors and suppliers: manage invoices, payment details, and answer simple questions between parties
  • Recruiting and hiring: reach out to leads, answer questions from applicants and vet applications.
  • Internal communications: automate HR questions and help team decision making

Enterprise chatbot solutions are cross-platform and cross-ecosystem, helping businesses leverage data to make better-informed decisions. So, what are the best enterprise chatbot solutions? Let’s have a look at a chatbot platform comparison.

Amazon Lex

Powered by the very same technology that powers Amazon Alexa, Lex is an enterprise chatbot platform that lets you build conversational interfaces into any application. It can be through voice or text. With deep learning capabilities like automatic speech recognition and natural language processing, Lex powers apps to provide lifelike conversation by understanding the intent of messages.

Most notably, Lex is an enterprise chatbot platform allowing for multi-turn conversation. This means once an intent is identified, the bot asks for all details necessary to fulfill it. It’ll ask clarifying questions until it’s able to complete the query. Finally, Lex is easy to integrate into your favorite enterprise systems.


In our chatbot platform comparison, ChattyPeople is the easiest one to get started with. It requires no coding or programming knowledge, making it incredibly simple to use. With this enterprise chatbot platform, you can build both consumer-facing bots on Facebook Messenger or enterprise bots and applications using Slack. ChattyPeople helps to optimize your team’s workflow by automating interactions between your team, external partners and your customers. This helps you improve sales by automating processes and providing better customer support than ever before.

Nina by Nuance

Nina is an enterprise chatbot platform that provides “a human touch” to human-machine interaction. Talking to Nina is just like talking to a person. While Nina is a personality granted to Nuance’s automated assistant, the chatbot uses your specific business data in order to develop an assistant that’s perfectly aligned with your brand. She also supports biometric authentication with options like voice recognition, selfies and more. This helps the enterprise chatbot not only deliver solutions for your brand, but protect its security and privacy as well.


Inbenta is a customer-facing enterprise chatbot platform for providing fast, accurate and first-rate customer support for large brands. When you set it up, Inbenta builds a specialized lexicon on matters related to your business. This way, the bot understands terms relevant to your industry, allowing for increased accuracy. It responds to user queries quickly with its extensive knowledge base. Plus, machine learning means the bot is always improving without requiring any extra effort on your part. The best feature is that Inbenta supports webhooks. So, you can easily connect it to external sources and applications to expand its knowledge.

IPSoft Amelia

Amelia is incredibly sophisticated among enterprise chatbot solutions. She’s marketed as a “digital employee”. Also, the face behind an entire digital workforce dedicated to helping your team every step through the value chain. Also, Amelia connects to your data, systems and customer-facing channels to provide services throughout your business. With performance analytics at her hand, she even helps you discover opportunities for improvement or enhance your decision making.

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