Chatfuel and Botanalytics Integrate to Bring Advanced Analytics to Chatbots

Chatfuel and Botanalytics Integrate to Bring Advanced Analytics to Chatbots

Chatfuel, one of the first and most well-known platforms for building chatbots, has teamed up with Botanalytics, a fast-growing leading chatbot analytics platform. The collaboration seamlessly marries both services, providing a single platform for developing a bot and accessing advanced analytics data to improve upon it.

New and current users can build a fully functional Facebook Messenger bot in just five minutes using Chatfuel’s platform, then use Botanalytics to analyze deep conversation data and measure engagement as soon as it goes live. Because Chatfuel makes bot development fast and easy, brands both big and small can jump right into the conversation with minimal time and effort. They may then iterate upon their bot with Botanalytics’ advanced behavioral data to better suit their users’ needs.

Anyone Can Make a Powerful Bot with Chatfuel and Botanalytics

Chatfuel is one of the easiest solutions to get a chatbot up and running, especially for users without programming experience. But once a bot is built, many creators require an advanced set of analytics tools to spot bottlenecks, confusion triggers and more. This is where Botanalytics comes in, providing a suite of analytics metrics within the platform.

While Chatfuel’s platform provides users with some analytics tools, Botanalytics covers both fundamental and advanced analytics for users who need to dive into their data at a deeper level. Through this partnership, Chatfuel users will be empowered to measure metrics such as engagement and retention rates. They may also segment conversations according to metric, observe conversation steps and more. This in turn helps brands provide better customer service or make e-commerce sales, depending on the bot’s purpose. Chatbot analytics provide other useful data as well, related to user segmentation and detailed user analysis.

Makers can assess their bots’ conversation flows and iterate upon them based on user behavior.

Start with a Template, Then Make It Yours

Chatfuel lets users make bots for a variety of purposes, whether it be a personal resume bot, a concierge/shopping bot, news media bots and more. The platform offers both simple and advanced templates to suit users’ needs.

These bots integrate into messaging platforms such as Messenger and Telegram, and can tailor content to each user based on data like their past engagement, traffic source, and more.  With the Botanalytics integration, Chatfuel users can further tailor the experience with information gleaned from usage analytics

Other Features

In addition, for the upcoming features, Chatfuel users will have some features to increase the engagement of their bots.

Human Take-over: users will be able to jump into conversations using a human takeover feature. This further makes their bots more helpful; after discovering a bottleneck or point of confusion through analytics, makers can intervene to set things right.

Events Tracking: The most important and unique feature that bot makers will benefit from is the ability to track user interactions independently within a timeframe. This lets them set and meet various goals within that period, such as transactions or submissions. Users may also compare between different events on a time series chart.

Funnel Analysis: Makers may also use the funnels feature to better evaluate chatbot engagement. This feature helps makers define problems with the completion rates on their funnels. By assessing engagement on a conversation-by-conversation basis, they may deepen their understanding of users’ needs.

We’re happy that Chatfuel and Botanalytics are working together to allow users of all experience levels to build and train a bot within one platform. Through this new integration, existing users of either service can enjoy the benefits of both: creating bots and analyzing their data simultaneously.

To get started building an awesome bot in just five minutes, simply sign up for Chatfuel and integrate your Botanalytics account within the platform. We can’t wait to see (and chat with) what users create!

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