Botanalytics Supports Referral Links!

Botanalytics Supports Referral Links!

As we all witnessed, at the beginning of the week Messenger announced v1.3 features. While there are some terrific updates, one of them is really useful for developers to get insights of the bots. Of course we are talking about parameters that you can understand where your users are coming from. With the referral parameters, you can identify how someone finds you on Messenger.

According to the Messenger referral parameter guide, this new update can be useful for many purposes. They break down to three on their blog.

  1. Track different links placed in different channels to see which is most effective.
  2. Tie a Messenger user to a session or account in an external app
  3. Direct the user to specific content or features available within the bot.

Now here we are as Botanalytics!

After they allowed to track the source of traffic, we are happy to announce that bot developers can also integrate Botanalytics to their bots and they can track their detailed data on Botanalytics with the reference links. Therefore, you may examine where your users are coming from with the attribution links on Botanalytics.

We immediately tried out the new feature integrated to our Botanalytics bot, and would like to share with you the results. Reference links are as they are in the example below:

In the piechart, you may see the the traffic sources which users are coming from identified with attribution links. If you would like to try out for your bot, you can sign up for Botanalytics and start to use the feature immediately! Happy trackings!