Highlights of Bot Spotlight Demo Day #2

Highlights of Bot Spotlight Demo Day #2

Last week, March 28th, Bot Spotlight Demo Day took place in T-Jump Startup Hub. After having networking time, all startups started to pitch.

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8 bot startups and bot makers pitched their decks and demos:

Bicycle AI use the best of machine intelligence with human supervision to provide an exceptional customer service experience. Automated agent picks its answers from past conversations and today most responses are supervised by AI trainers to ensure a good customer experience with replies being sent in 30 seconds.

Gofind FashionBot is your ultimate AI shopping assistant. You can search and shop for apparel and accessories across 1000+ stores and can use both images and text to express what you are looking for. Powered with proprietary AI technology, the bot will soon expand to other shopping verticals as well

Hamro ChatBot, is an innovative Viber based artificial intelligence platform in Nepal for the first time of its kind, this tech innovation enables corporates/ multinational companies, nongovernmental organizations, welfare campaigners and even government itself to disseminate messages into targeted citizens, potential customers, clients and also to receive messages from them.

RooBot, the smart shopping chatbot for Blue Kangaroo, is your personal shopping concierge. It will personalize your shopping experience finding the best deals, discounts and prices from across the shopping universe. Shopping with RooBot is as natural as texting a friend and as helpful as having your own personal assistant for shopping. RooBot is the smartest bot around. It’s built with conversational artificial intelligence that’s fluent in shopping.

Personalized nutrition specialist in your pocket

Telegram bot @ArniTheFitBot (+ really simple FB bot)

  • MyPolly — Malai Sankarasubbu

MyPolly NLU platform for conversational bots and virtual assistants

Help shoppers select the most fit products

  • Cent.ly — Michael Parrish DuDell

The first chatbot for Facebook that lets users browse and buy from top retailers without ever leaving the Messenger app.

We thank you all the bot makers to contribute our Bot Spotlight Demo Day. For our future events, follow our Facebook, Twitter, or join meetup.com group Bot Fellows.

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