Blog Interviews with Bot Enthusiasts: A glance at chatbot ecosystem with Daniel Niklaus

Blog Interviews with Bot Enthusiasts: A glance at chatbot ecosystem with Daniel Niklaus

As we’ve just started 2017, we’re following our resolutions for the new year. We’re starting our blog interview with the people of chatbot ecosystem. Our guest is the owner of Netlive, Daniel Klaus. We’ve seen him at Botscamp recently with his talk about bots.

Botanalytics: How do you see the place of chatbots in people’s lives now? What is the behavioral motivation to use chatbots now and will be in the future?

DK: It’s like in the early Internet-Days when you surfed for the first time the web. You don’t know exactly what you are looking for but it’s kind of fun. The same way people are using bots today. They try and maybe find a function they like and start to use bots on a regular base.

We – the developers – and the people are just learning how we can use bots to make people’s life easier and more fun.

Botanalytics: How do you think a bot can create a value or can it change the image of a brand in people’s mind?

DK: The question is “who is the gate keeper”. Again there is a similarity to the web. Yahoo! was ones the main entry point for many people to the web. In bot it could be Alexa or google home that will be asked first. Then Alexa and Google home are stronger in the mindset of your clients then your brand. Or it is possible that you create a direct channel to the client and you are his “entry” point for your brand and product. It will be a battle and you have to carefully think about when to join forces and when to go your own way.

Botanalytics: What are the challenges of bots nowadays? How can bot makers solve them to monetize and dominate the market?

DK: We have to understand how bots become really useful in peoples life. It’s that easy. The problem that we might face are the expectations. In short term the people overestimate what is possible, they will be disappointed. We as developer have to manage the expectation while still convincing client to do projects. Because in the long run I’m sure we totally underestimate what will be possible.

Botanalytics: What are your insights and suggestions for bot makers to enhance a conversational flow to maintain a successful chatbot?

DK: Choosing the project has a big influence. Is your bot build for a clear narrow job and the people know what to do it it’s a lot easier then when your bot should answer a brought variety of life questions. Look for a focused task. Your chance to succeed is much higher.

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