Chatting with the Most Useful & Best Facebook Messenger Bots

Chatting with the Most Useful & Best Facebook Messenger Bots

It’s nearly been two years since Facebook announced chatbot support at its F8 platform. What is the state of chatbots on Messenger today? In just one year, Facebook Messenger’s chatbot population ballooned to over 100,000, and the number continues to grow today. With so many chatbots available, it can be difficult to discover which are the most useful. With this Facebook Messenger bots list, we’re taking all the guesswork out of discovering the best Facebook bots.



Chatbots are a great way to deliver personalized content to users, and NewsBytes serves as a stellar example of this. By chatting with the bot, users can check on the latest news right now or subscribe to a digest for a preferred reading time. You can read concise, bulleted summaries or access full stories. To fit the messaging medium, stories are easily shareable to friends. Rather than just send headlines and a link to a story, NewsBytes knows how to use the medium effectively, making it one of the best Facebook bots out there.


This Singapore newspaper was among the first to embrace chatbots as a channel for promoting its stories. It still remains one of the most popular on our Facebook Messenger bots list. You don’t need to be a Singaporean to enjoy our pick of one of the best Facebook Messenger bots. The chatbot provides the most important stories for a global audience. Users can subscribe to breaking news alerts or receive a list of the latest headlines.



Need Facebook chatbot examples of how the medium can be used for real good? Check out HealthTap, a chatbot designed to empower users with access to much-needed health and diagnostic information. HealthTap connects users with real, professional health practitioners, so users who otherwise have no access to healthcare can get medical advice. Those with a paid subscription can even connect to professionals via HD video or voice chat using the bot—truly the most versatile chatbot on our Facebook Messenger bots list.

Atlas Fitness

For those looking to get fit, look no further than Atlas Fitness. It’s one of the best Facebook bots for fitness accountability, providing motivation, workout reminders and more. In addition to getting inspiration, users can chat with the bot to browse for different workout routines or get an instant workout to-do list.


Hello Jarvis

Perhaps the simplest of our most useful Facebook chatbot examples, Hello Jarvis is an easy-to-use reminder bot. Just tell Jarvis to remind you about something at a given time and he will! While modern smartphones come with easy access to setting reminders in natural language, Jarvis is useful for those who want to set (and receive) a reminder on any device that has Messenger installed.

Job Bot

Is finding a job via a chatbot the way of the future? Job Bot seems to think so, and it makes sense considering how great bots are for connecting people or providing personalized service. This bot will scout for job openings that suit your credentials across the globe (or locally), then alert you on a regular basis when it finds something. You can then apply for the job via Messenger.


An important bot for growing a business, GrowthBot is one of the best facebook bots for marketing/sales teams and startups. You can connect the bot to HubSpot or Google Analytics. Then ask it to help you find prospective customers, optimize your content or see what’s trending for your audience or competition.



Foxsy is your personal matchmaker, making it easy to find new friends or even romantic partners with shared interests. Befitting one of the best Facebook chatbot examples, it takes the awkwardness out of meeting someone online. Foxsy helps get the conversation started by offering conversation topics to users, making it easy to break the ice.

Lingio Quiz+Translate

Need a quick translation? Just as Lingio, who will translate any message you need. In addition to translation, the chatbot also offers quick quizzes that make it fun and easy to learn a foreign language. In tandem, these two features can help you become more fluent in your downtime.



If any example on our Facebook Messenger bots list provides real, lasting value, it’s Trim. This choice of best Facebook bots helps you save money. They are analyzing your spending and automatically trimming the fat by cancelling subscriptions, finding cheaper alternatives to services or even negotiating your Comcast bill on your behalf.

Unicorn Bay

For those who want to dive deep into their finances, say hello to Unicorn Bay. One of the best Facebook bots for tracking stocks. Unicron Bay teaches users technical information about stocks and investments, making it great for newbies. Get a brief on stock options with beautifully made charts, or ask the bot for investment advice to get started.



If you’re going to be flying any time soon, have a chat with Instalocate first. This bot tracks flights, alerting passengers of delays and complications. If your flight is delayed, Instalocate will even help you get compensation for it.


KAYAK makes travel super easy by helping people find travel inspiration and book a trip all via Facebook Messenger. It’s one of the most comprehensive Facebook chatbot examples on this list, covering nearly all the bases when it comes to travel planning. If you have a particular budget, KAYAK will help you plan within it, so you can enjoy your vacation with no regrets. It will also provide you with travel updates and status alerts if necessary.

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